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New solution to shrink your pores!

deep pore

Fight your pores with the newest Clarisonic kit! This new Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution can reduce your pore appearance by up to 25% after just one use. The deep pore kit includes the Mia 2 cleansing brush, a universal charger, deep pore brush head, cleanser, mask, and a travel case. Clarisonic has 5 different models of cleansing brushes and the …

Tricks to beating your allergies…so they don’t beat on you!


Spring Fling When I think of Spring…I immediately run to the pharmacy and stock up on allergy medication! Spring in Texas is by far my favorite season, floral prints, maxi dresses and picnics at the park, but not my favorite time of the year for allergies. The good news is that natural allergy relief is within an arm’s reach of …