Do you dare go bare? My journey down bikini and brazilian road…


When it came to bikini waxing and brazilian waxing, I couldn’t come to grips with having my lady parts displayed for my team.  As fabulous and professional as they are, I just couldn’t seem to come around to have that experience.  All I could think was that I wanted to try it but was I really going to have to go to a spa other than mine because I couldn’t handle the potential embarrassment of dropping my drawers.  I never thought I could do it, but they (Nicole and Kim) continued to encourage me to give it a try.  After all, they do this all the time.  My Vajeen was no different than anyone elses and I needed to get over it.

So the first time I thought I would just get my feet wet and go for a bikini wax.  I guess I could have insisted on the disposable undies so I didn’t feel as if I was half naked…, but I was trying to be open to the experience that was before me.  Lindsey was my esthetician and I can’t tell you how proud of her I was in that she took away any fear that I had.  The fear of the unknown, the pain, and the overall experience.  I just kept thinking…how great that this is what others get to experience when they come in for this.  This isn’t bad at all!  Nicole, one of our managers, encouraged me to use Numb it!  It is a numbing product that you can purchase at the spa ($24.95) and put on the area that you are going to wax 20 minutes prior to significantly ease the pain.  I used it for my first treatment and the entire time I kept thinking…this isn’t bad at all!  Because I had nothing to compare this to, little did I know that the Numb it! made a HUGE difference.   Although it was extremely tolerable I forgot that Lindsay told me to be sure to keep the area clean and free from sweat, perfume/fragrance, etc.  Clearly I wasn’t thinking and what did I do…I went to workout.  Of course I was sweaty and broke out.  Dumb, Dumb, Dumb…I knew it was all my fault and minus the break out it was great.  In the event that you do breakout–LEAVE IT ALONE.  Of course I wasn’t leaving it alone, until I thought about how this is no different than popping a zit on your face.  If you pop it you spread the bacteria…bad idea, unless that is you are trying to make your breakouts worse.


As a follow up experience, Lindsey told me to come in 3 weeks later for a follow up.  I am getting ready for a beach trip so I thought that I would wait until just before…so it had been 4 weeks when I came in today.  Since I had only done it once before I didn’t think the Numb it! could have really made that big of a difference…HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Let me tell you otherwise.  Clearly, I would have been a bit more vocal had there not been a massage going on in the room next to me.  Please understand that I am not trying to scare you off from having a bikini wax or a brazilian because I do think that it is well worth it, and more importantly from what I hear that after the next two waxes (3 weeks in between each time) I may flinch a little bit but as the hair thins and is a good length for waxing that it is no big deal.  We will see about that?  But I can say that next time I guarantee you I won’t go without my Numb it!  What a saving grace.  A great service (or atleast outcome)–who wants hair coming out of their bikini & a great esthetician (thanks Lindsay)!  I can honestly say Lindsay and the Numb it! made everything ok!  It is like Nike says…Just do it.  Guaranteed celebrity or not you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) wear something like this bikini, worn by Jessica Alba, before visiting your waxing pro.

**as a side note, we do use a specialty hard wax that I have heard many experienced waxers refer to as “pain free” waxing.  I guarantee you it makes a difference.

Stay tuned for the next must have treatment on my journey!