Yoga for your mind, body soul and SKIN


Did you know Yoga is a great way to a achieve a healthy glow? Yoga is a form of exercise that gives you everything: strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and relaxation.  Yoga is more than stretching and relaxation: it is the ultimate mind-body challenge.


Inverted poses like downward dog or a headstand help blood flow to the brain and allow for good blood circulation in the face around the eyes and cheeks. Detoxifying is a vital step in looking and feeling your best. Practicing hot yoga improves blood circulation and helps remove toxins from the body.  Not to mention the fact that it helps with stress reduction…which in turn will help prevent breakouts and is a major cause of fine lines.








Cosmetics can only enhance your outer beauty but when it comes to natural beauty, it only comes from the inside. External skincare is also essential but to have perfectly beautiful and glowing skin you have to feel beautiful on the inside, eat healthy food, exercise regularly, and have an amazing skin care regime. (Hint hint come see your esthetician at Facelogic!)


So for a healthy, more affordable way to get the best skin of your life…take care of yourself from the inside out! Good luck ladies 🙂


“By practicing Yoga regularly, men and women will acquire a figure which will enhance their beauty and that suppleness which gives them charm and elegance in every movement. And be endowed with a peculiar glow in his face and eyes and a peculiar charm in his smile.” -Swami Sivananda