Food for your Face…literally! – amazing coffee mask that you will run to the pantry to whip up for these results!


Did your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? Well I was always a bit of a rebel and never fully listened, but now we have an excuse! Homemade facial masks have deep cleansing properties onto the skin. Masks help remove impurities, wastes, and dead skin cells that clog the pores present in the skin which are associated with skin concerns suck as pimples, blackheads, and acne. Homemade masks favor your skin in any said matter because you can modify the formula according to your skin type and in addition you know where your produce are coming from, unlike the mystery ingredients that go into Twinkies… R.I.P my delicious spongy friend!


The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind while preparing any homemade mask is fresh veggies and succulent fruit, this is very true! You can use just about any fruit or vegetable imaginable. Crushed avocados and rip peaches are considered to be great natural moisturizers, fantastic for dry skin while cucumbers,strawberries, and tomatoes are good for oily skin types! It’s like you face planted in your lunch…in a good way 🙂


So if you ever considered making a homemade mask, do it! You will not regret it and you will have so much fun doing it as well. Enjoy.



-Camille Hernal