Tricks to beating your allergies…so they don’t beat on you!

Spring Fling

When I think of Spring…I immediately run to the pharmacy and stock up on allergy medication! Spring in Texas is by far my favorite season, floral prints, maxi dresses and picnics at the park, but not my favorite time of the year for allergies. The good news is that natural allergy relief is within an arm’s reach of your refrigerator: Foods rich in vitamin C and folic acid help reduce the inflammation associated with allergic reactions, and studies are finding that some herbs are just as effective as expensive drugs, so no need to be up to your knees in Claritin anymore!!! Grab that grocery cart!

Broccoli, this precious piece of produce serves two purposes in annihilating your allergy symptoms. It’s high in allergy-relieving vitamin C and it’s a member of the crucifer family, plants that have been shown to clear out blocked-up sinuses. Researchers have found about 500 milligrams (mg) of Vitamin C a day can ease allergy symptoms, and just one cup of raw broccoli packs about 80 mg. I don’t know about yall, but broccoli and cheese anything sounds like a tasty way to get rid of allergies! You can also turn to citrus fruits as well to get that vitamin c.

Kale, one of my absolute favorite veggies to eat and juice, such an amazing superfood! This superfood packs a one-two punch against allergies; like broccoli, it’s a member of the crucifer family, but it’s also rich in the carotenoid department, pigments believed to aid in fighting allergy symptoms.

Stinging nettles, sounds scary, but trust me; no bees were involved in this process! J You can’t discuss natural allergy remedies without hailing stinging nettle. It helps stifle inflammation that occurs when you’re experiencing allergy symptoms. Stinging nettle contains histamine, the chemical your body produces during an allergic reaction, so it helps you acquire tolerance. Look for 500-mg freeze-dried nettle capsules in your natural health store, and take three times a day. That’s the best form for allergy relief; it won’t sting because it’s freeze-dried. Long-term use of the herb is not recommended, since it can deplete your potassium stores.

Onions and garlic, Quercetin is another secret weapon that helps fight allergies by acting like an antihistamine. Onions and garlic are packed with quercetin, as are apples. Hello tour of Italy!

And last but certainly not least, whether you like your veggies or not, is a great product that we carry locally at the spa.  Natural Magic.  And that is exactly what it is!  It is 100% all natural soluble fiber that is derived from the western larch tree, formally known as Arabinogalactan.  This powerful gluten free, all natural ingredient has shown to be more effective than Echinacea for its immune boosting properties.  It comes in a capsule form and a pure powder form that is water soluble so you can drink it in your water or beverage of choice or even cook with it (check out recipes at .  Either way you take it, it is wildly effective and has incredible health benefits…including encapsulating fat and removing it from the body before turning into unwanted pounds (WHO WOULDN’T WANT THAT) and helps deter sugar cravings, just to name a few.  Natural Magic is the core ingredient in all of the Biosanes Nutrition and Health products so grab a Magic Cookie or drink a Lose-it Advantage shake while you are at it and get these great health benefits and more!

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Beat your allergies before they beat you…it shows all over your face when you suffer from allergies.  Let us help keep you Beautifully YOU.