You ARE what you EAT (Part 1)

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us and we are quickly approaching another 35 days or so of over-eating, it is time to have the talk about what you are doing to your skin when you use your body like a garbage disposal :-).  Yes, we all like to eat yummy foods…this is just a reminder to keep things in moderation.  Everyone wants to look good during the holidays, so here are some tips for you to keep as a reminder of what NOT to eat if you are trying to keep breakouts, dull, dry, aging skin at bay.

The saying “you are what you eat” not only applies to our overall health and nutrition, but how our skin looks and feels as well.  If you eat foods that are filled with fat, cooked in grease and high in sugar then your body is going to reflect that in its shape, size and texture.  If you consume foods that are healthy for you then your body will look and feel healthier.  Most experts say eating a balanced diet is the best way to get your share of good food for healthy skin.  In fact, research suggests that eating foods rich in protein and certain vitamins and minerals will provide valuable anti-aging effects.

Foods that are bad for Skin

Alcohol is pretty bad for the skin too. You know what a hangover feels like – that’s what alcohol does to your skin, making it dry, irritated and even result in vasodilatation (swollen blood vessels) which makes red veins mar the surface of the skin.

Microwaved foods:  Recent research has shown that microwave oven-cooked food suffers severe molecular damage. When microwaved food is eaten it causes abnormal changes in human blood and immune systems.

Salt is another ingredient that can harm your skin. Salty foods taste great, but what is the effect on your skin? Salt causes tissues to swell, and the subsequent deflating results in less elastic skin.

Soda/Soft drinks:  The average 12oz can supplies 10 teaspoons of sugar, which contribute to obesity, tooth decay and diabetes. Also, soda is not good for the skin, all that sugar and caffeine suck the life out of your skin.

The glass on the left is 100 calories of soda, and the glass on the right is the amount of sugar that is in 100 calories of soda!

Processed meats are another kind of food that your skin would be glad to avoid. The salt and preservatives in these meats leach moisture from your skin, leaving it dull and lifeless.

Now that you know what not to eat….stay tuned for more on what you SHOULD be eating/drinking to keep your skin looking good!

Faryn Clark, Owner